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Client Testimonials

I bought a T8 from you about a year ago and have been very pleased with the performance. I installed it at 52′ on my tower. I spoke with you at Dayton in May about adding a 6M yagi above the T8 on the mast. You asked me to keep you informed and explained that some have experienced some decline of performance on the T8 on the 15M band because of the 6M beam. I finally got around to putting the 6M beam up a few weeks ago at about 6′ above the T8 on the same mast.
Tests show the 15M performance of the T8 is still excellent and the SWR did not change at all. The highest SWR on 15M is 1.3 to 1 toward the high end of the phone band and is generally flat 1:1 over most of the band.
I am very pleased that the new 6M beam had no effect on the T8. In fact, I worked the FT4TA, Tromelin DXpedition on 15M CW and SSB shortly after the 6M beam was added to the mast as proof of its great performance.

Mike, AB0X

“Just wanted to give you an update on my T8 issues. I dropped the tower and removed the 6 meter Yagi from above the log. Holy Cow! All issues and problems vanished!!! This antenna sings!!!! I haven’t run the amp at all since removing the six. SWR is normal, gain is ridiculous and the directionality of the antenna has become as sharp as a laser beam. There isn’t anybody that I can’t work. I’ve been a ham for over 40 years and this T8 is by far the finest HF antenna that I have ever owned. I love my TENNADYNE !!! Thank you for all the help, and please feel free to use me and my picture as testimonials to your fine product!”

Scotty K7MIX

Got the mighty T8 up and running. I busted through a pileup to Gitmo and Slavik Rep. first try on both running barefoot. I know that some of the folks around me were running amps because of the bandwidth they were using. Anyway, thanks for all of the help! It works great!

Joe Allis