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I bought a T8 from you about a year ago and have been very pleased with the performance. I installed it at 52′ on my tower. I spoke with you at Dayton in May about adding a 6M yagi above the T8 on the mast. You asked me to keep you informed and explained that some have experienced some decline of performance on the T8 on the 15M band because of the 6M beam. I finally got around to putting the 6M beam up a few weeks ago at about 6′ above the T8 on the same mast.
Tests show the 15M performance of the T8 is still excellent and the SWR did not change at all. The highest SWR on 15M is 1.3 to 1 toward the high end of the phone band and is generally flat 1:1 over most of the band.
I am very pleased that the new 6M beam had no effect on the T8. In fact, I worked the FT4TA, Tromelin DXpedition on 15M CW and SSB shortly after the 6M beam was added to the mast as proof of its great performance.

Mike, AB0X

“Just wanted to give you an update on my T8 issues. I dropped the tower and removed the 6 meter Yagi from above the log. Holy Cow! All issues and problems vanished!!! This antenna sings!!!! I haven’t run the amp at all since removing the six. SWR is normal, gain is ridiculous and the directionality of the antenna has become as sharp as a laser beam. There isn’t anybody that I can’t work. I’ve been a ham for over 40 years and this T8 is by far the finest HF antenna that I have ever owned. I love my TENNADYNE !!! Thank you for all the help, and please feel free to use me and my picture as testimonials to your fine product!”

Scotty K7MIX

Got the mighty T8 up and running. I busted through a pileup to Gitmo and Slavik Rep. first try on both running barefoot. I know that some of the folks around me were running amps because of the bandwidth they were using. Anyway, thanks for all of the help! It works great!

Joe Allis

More Testimonials

“Let me once again tell you how much I have enjoyed my T10. It has been installed three times, once due to a move and once due to Hurricane Katrina. All three installations have yielded outstanding performance. I can honestly say I would not swap my T10 for ANY other antenna on the market at any price. The T10 is my one call that’s all antenna! Many times when I operate late in the evening, 0300z or so, I am told that I am the only station they hear on 20 meters. DX reports are frequently “strongest station heard from USA .”

Larry Morgan, AG5Z

Awesome construction and Class “A” workmanship. Simple to put together
(1.5 hrs) and is pretty much self explanatory when assembling. I got mine on a Thursday , up and running on Friday. Antenna is 55 feet and I put it up myself! Very light but strong. Signals jumped 3 to 4 “S” units compared to my taken down my Cushcraft MA5B. Great antenna! Thanks Tennadyne.

Bill Grassa, N4ATS​

Just a update on my T-6 antenna. Has been up one year this week. Just logged my 1200th contact. 1050 of the contacts on 17 meters. Have worked 44 counties. Great antenna Thanks for all your help.

Freddie Ferrell, WA5EMA

I am so glad I selected this antenna !!!!!!
Happy camper here !! I have enclosed a copy of my review I posted on eham.net
Thanks for a great antenna !!!
This antenna has me well pleased indeed. I put it up after retiring a Cushcraft A3 antenna. I can tell a big difference between the two antennas. The improvement was like going from a flashlight to a laser beam!! When I turn it to the side I can almost tune out the received signal. Front to back ratio is good as well. I am very happy with this antenna. I have been busting pileups on the first call with 100 watts. No traps! No moving parts! No sun damaged control cables to replace. Work 5 bands 20 thru 10 meters. Under $700.00 includes shipping. A well made strong no maintenance antenna. A blast to put together. The owner of the company answers the phone. That’s a new twist!! Like Lee Iacocca said “If you can buy a better antenna for the money buy it!”

Lyndon Smith, K7XV

Many thanks for a great performing antenna. First thing I ever put up in the air that the XYL said looked good.
I run about 95% QRP/Solar Power and for the most part, if I can hear them, I can work them. It was money well spent.

Bob Capozzi, K4ENZ

Pile up Buster !!!!

John King, W3ADC

Great antenna ! I have worked over 70 countries I needed on 17 & 12 with just 80 watts of power, no amplifier. I break pileup and get 57 and 59 reports every time.
I am well pleased.
Thanks for a great antenna !

Don Etters, W4DEE

Thanks to Tim, K5RA, Tower Monkey, Lynn, W5FO and Randy, K5BOC ground support staff for all their help in getting the two antennas in the air and special thanks to John, W5ATW, John, KB5JPY, and countless others who helped along the way to get everything ready to go. It works great! At last, I have a directive array!

Bill Priakos, W5SJ

Today we had a nasty little storm front move through. Weather alert sirens were going off everywhere. Gusts of 60 mph were recorded.
My Tennadyne looked like it was trying to fly flapping in the high winds.
As tree limbs came down and power lines fell, the Tennadyne held in there.
Later when the storm passed and the sun returned, the tennadyne shined brightly as ever against the blue sky. It seemed to say “is that all you can do” to the passing clouds. Earlier in the winter months I was very nervous when it was coated with ice and drooped like a donkey’s ears. It shook it off with no ill effects.
It truly is aluminum with an attitude.

Bob Pointer, N9XAW

Hi Roger: Got the mighty T8 up and running. I busted through a pileup to Gitmo and Slavik Rep. first try on both running barefoot. I know that some of the folks around me were running amps because of the bandwidth they were using. Anyway, thanks for all of the help! It works great!

Joe Allis, K4SH

I was the first in my area to get one of the new Tennadynes.
I can say proudly, after two years it is going strong.
It still looks sharp after two seasons of winter ice and spring tornado seasons.
I have the T6 up 48 ft.
I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
I recommend it to everyone I talk to.
It works great and is beautiful to look at.

Bob Pointer