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Original T-Series Models

ModelCoverageGain (dbd/dbi)Boom LengthElementsLongestTurn RadiusWind LoadWeightPrice
T613 – 30 MHz5.10/7.2412 FT638 FT20 FT6.247#$950
T718 – 32 MHz6.2/8.318 FT729 FT16.5 FT6.853#$1,125
T813 – 32 MHz5.80/8.3418 FT838 FT20.9 FT868#$1,285
T1013 – 33 MHz6.10/8.2424 FT1038 FT22 FT10.178#$1,585
T1113 – 55 MHz5.80/7.9424 FT1138 FT21.5 FT8.573#$1,465
T1213 – 33 MHz6.50/8.6430 FT1238 FT24.6 FT11.797#$2,115
T2850-1300 MHz6.30/8.4412 FT2810 FT7.5 FT338$780

XD Models

ModelCoverageGain (dbd/dbi)Boom LengthElementsLongestTurn RadiusWind LoadWeightPrice
T8.10-30XD10 – 30 MHz6.8/8.924 FT853 FT24.6 FT11.778#$2,250
T10.10-30XD10 – 30 MHz7.5/9.630 FT1053 FT24.6 FT13.798#$2,555
T12.10-30XD10 – 30 MHz8.0/10.136 FT1253 FT27.6 FT16.21115#$2,850
T14.10-30XD10 – 30 MHz8.5/10.642 FT1453 FT34.6 FT18.7145#$3,580
T6.20 Log-Cell20 Meters11.5/13.627 FT636.4 FT22.2 FT10.768#$2,025


ChokeCollins choke assembly for Tennadyne LPDAs - pre-wound and terminated using high quality materials.$90
Slipp-Nott PackageComplete Slipp-Nott product and hardware for 2" OD Masts.$195
Nut'n Bolt KitReplace sheet metal screws in Legacy models with SS machine screws and Nyloc nuts. Kit includes hardware and model-specific manual.CALL or EMAIL
Insulator KitWhile insulators appear to last for decades, eventualy they do begin to age. Bring your favorite antenna back to "like new" condition before the next sun spot cycle with our Insulator kit. Kits include all plastics and model-specific manual. CALL or EMAIL
Truss KitComplete Truss assembly, included with some T-series and all HD-series LPDAs. Kit includes all necessary hardware and Dacron rope.$135
Phillystran UpgradePhillystran (0.17") replaces Dacron rope used in T-series and HD-series truss kits for extreme durability in harsh environments. $55

Durable 6061/6063 aluminum construction handles wind and ice well